Sweet Treats

Whether you are feeding a crowd or simply at home watching your favorite TV show, Deli Directs Sweet Treats are sure to put a smile on your face. No cooking required, just grab and go!!

Sweet Treats

$15 purchase minimum for all orders.

Sweet Treats and Snacks

Delicious Sweet Treats and Snack Foods

The place to go for delicious snack food is here! If you are ever craving the perfect snack food but can't nail down just one item to satisfy your craving, your worries can end now! With our wide variation you can find any sweet treat or snack food to delight!

Try a classic favorite with our Squeeky Cheese Curds, available in Wisconsin's Natural Cheddar, Wisconsin's Ranch Cheddar and finally Wisconsin's Cajun Cheddar! These cheese curds are fresh, delicious and all natural. They form into random shapes before becoming blocks. These nutritious and tasty cheese curds are the perfect snack food!

To satisfy one of your sweeter cravings you must try our Pumpkin Butter! It is a sweet year round classic. The uses are honestly endless and we love hearing about new and creative ways to use our Pumpkin Butter. You can find some of our favorite recipes in our blog or our recipe page. The smooth old-fashion taste of our Pumpkin Butter will always leave you wanting more!

But no matter what sweet treat or snack food you are in search for you will always be able to find it at Deli Direct!

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