Specialty Sauces

Are you guilty of making the same old and boring recipes over and over again? Changing up dinner doesn't have to be a big deal. Our specialty sauces make for great dips, toppings & marinades, and will add some easy pep to your next cookout.

Specialty Sauces

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Specialty Hot Sauces

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Some Like it HOT... and some like it really HOT!  Deli Direct offers a wide selection of habanero based hot sauces.  Our hot pepper sauce is great on all your spicy recipe creations. Buy hot sauce today!

Our hot pepper sauce is great on all your spicy recipe creations. Add your favorite hot pepper sauce to chili or tacos.  Add a splash to your Sloppy Joes and spaghetti.  You can always add a punch of flavor by adding some hot pepper sauce to burgers and meatloaf.  We offer a hot sauce gifts pack so that you can give the gift of heat to your favorite hot sauce lover.  The hot sauce gifts contain 5 hot sauce: Bad Day in Baghdad, Colon Blow, Chicago Hit Sauce, Holy Shit Habanero Sauce and Holy F**k sauce.  With so many hot sauce gifts to choose from, why not buy hot sauce for you and your friends today. 

We carry a wide selection of specialty sauces as well.  Mustards are a great addition to sandwiches and grilled meats.  Our best seller is the Triple Treat Honey Mustard Glaze.  Honey and mustard are combined to make this mustard a winner!!  Triple Treat is great as a dip with pretzels or on sandwiches.  It also makes an excellent glaze for a baked ham or chicken or fish.  Try it on a turkey sandwich to wake up your lunches.  Sante Fe is another favorite spicy mustard from the southwest.  It’s stone ground mustard that’s slightly sweet with a little extra “bite”.  Use it in place of any mustard for an extra kick!!! 

Deli Direct also carries a wide selection of relishes to compliment all your menu ideas.  We have assorted specialty olives stuffed with blue cheese, jalapeño, and habanero peppers.  Bruschetta and Dick’s Perky Pickles are a great compliment to any meal.

Deli Direct also carries many different BBQ sauces, condiments and relishes to make cooking and eating exciting.


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