• Rocket Radish - 8.5 oz
    Rocket Radish

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    Rocket Radish - 8.5 oz

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    This horseradish will send you to the moon and beyond. It`s 3 times hotter than our regular recipe. Warning: Consult your physician or have fire extinguishers handy before using!

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    Horseradish is the greatest! Makes the best, sinus.problem remedy. Mix with Chili sauce, as much as you can take. Now get some good shrimp, and Kleenex . Enjoy!

    Shared by Judy Couch

    Your Rocket Radish (to taste) mixed with mayo or mustard is awesome on about anything!

    Shared by Timothy Smith

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    Doug A. Barrington, IL

    This is the place you go before you have company over. It has cheeses, dips, sausages, candies, sauces, “rocket radish”, pickles, and many other things that people at your house will be talking about. I went over to my brothers one day and he busted out this horseradish cheese dip. I took one bite and I was hooked. I grab the container, spun it around and it read Lake Zurich on it. Couple days later I was in the store and stocking up.

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