Wisconsin Cheese Spreads

Our Wisconsin cheese spreads come in a variety of rich flavors, and all for an extremely reasonable price.

Wisconsin Cheese Spreads

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Wisconsin Cheese Spreads (15oz. each)

Cheese Spreads Make for the Best Snacks!

Our Wisconsin spreads are packed with flavor that you and your friends will love!  All of our cheese spreads are made from Real Wisconsin cheese.  For a quick and easy party treat, simply use our cheese dips on your favorite cracker or pretzel and watch the fun begin!

Deli Direct has created these cheeses using only the best Real Wisconsin Cheese ingredient to provide you with the very best from the Midwest. We offer thirteen different cheese spread flavors from hot and spicy Habanero, Jalapeño and Horseradish to the old party standbys of Cheddar, Garden Vegetable and our newest cheese spread flavor is Asiago.

Deli Direct cheese spreads are so versatile you can add them to almost anything.  Try mixing them into your favorite pasta for an exciting cheese sauce.  Add the Cheddar Bacon, Toasted Onion or Garlic and Herb cheese spread to baked potatoes or mashed potatoes for an explosion of taste.  Add the cheese dips on warm broccoli or cauliflower for a delicious vegetable dish! Port Wine and Swiss Almond are great a great cheese to serve when entertaining.

Garden Vegetable is a great flavor to use in the morning. Simply toast a bagel and spread with this delicious cheese spread.  Then top with sliced tomatoes.

Spread your favorite flavor like Tavern Cheddar on top of a Hamburger for the best cheeseburger in town! Also on your next sandwich try replacing the mustard or mayonnaise with a Deli Direct cheese spread.   

These cheese spreads are so outstanding that we’ve incorporated them into many of our exclusive gourmet gift baskets for friends, family and business associates to enjoy!

 Why purchase one flavor, when you can order an assortment for your next gathering with friends and family.  Once you’ve tried them you will never want to run out, so stock your refrigerator today!

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