Be bold and go beyond the traditional meat snacks by piquing party-goers’ interests with a variety of pickled bean dishes. The best ones start with our Hot & Spicy Pickled Beans. They come in 12 ounce jars, which is typically enough for four servings. However, you can stretch it out a bit by chopping up the beans and using the small pieces as a compliment to a dish rather than the focal point. Not sure which pickled bean dishes to serve alongside of our meat snacks? Try one of these:

Boiled Potato, Egg and Smoked Fish

Want to blow them away with something unexpected? First, cut a pound of potatoes into quarters. Then boil them along with four eggs. Peel the hard-boiled eggs and dice them up before adding them to the potatoes. Continue by tossing in ½ pound of smoked fish and 1-1/2 cup of our pickled beans. Next, put two tablespoons of the pickled bean juice, cider vinegar and our Santa Fe Sauce into a small bowl and whisk them together. Afterward, pour it over top of the potato, egg and smoked fish mixture. Toss the ingredients around until everything is covered in the Santa Fe Sauce and then serve it in a family style bowl.

Sautéed Tofu and Grilled Veggie Surprise

If you really need a great vegetarian dish for the party menu, surprise them with our tofu salad. Cut the tofu into manageable pieces and saute them like you normally would. When you’re done, toss the tofu into a bowl along with a variety of grilled veggies and our pickled beans, juice and all. Then use a slotted spoon to fill everyone’s plate with a hefty helping or let them plate their own. To learn more about going beyond meat snacks with pickled beans and other fabulous fare, please contact us at Deli Direct.

The NRA (no, silly, the National Restaurant Association!) recently identified the food trends to watch in 2015, which were gleaned from a survey of 1,300 professional chefs. Pickles were high on the list and dubbed the “Throwback Thursday of food trends.”

Throwback? Yeah… waaay back. Pickles have been around since the Mesopotamians discovered the pickling method in 2400 B.C.E. The average American eats 8.5 pickles a year, with dill being twice as popular as sweet pickles. Many cultures value pickles and pickle juice as a cure for headaches, hangovers, cramps and heartburn.

But sadly, pickles have sometimes been treated like a joke.

What’s sour and green and floats in an aquarium?

A trop-pickle fish.


Obviously, it’s time to give the pickle its due—1,300 chefs can’t be wrong!

When you’re getting ready to entertain guests, think like a chef and pop in some pickle flavor. No time to do the pickling yourself? No problem. Deli Direct has the unique artisan-made pickle flavors you need, and the perfect party dips to pair them with.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3:

Step 1: Order your five-pack of dip seasonings, selecting from the fun flavors available.
Step 2: Order pickles or some Hot and Spicy Pickled Beans.
Step 3: Combine in tasty and interesting ways.

For example, combine Dick’s Perky Pickles (you can even buy them by the gallon) with Kickin’ Tomato Horseradish Dip/Seasoning.

Mix JoJo’s Kick N’ Hot Kosher Dill Pickles with Cha Cha Chipotle Dip.

Or perk up this Tomato, Horseradish & Artichoke dip recipe by adding some chopped Bloody Mary chopped pickles.

Have fun and relax knowing your pickle-laced party dips will be trendy and tasty.

Contact us to get your pickle party started!

Did you know that Meat Week and National Cowboy Poetry Gathering Week both kickoff this month? It’s true. The first weekly observance normally begins on the 25th and the second one starts on the 26th. So why not stock up on grilling meats and other treats that are perfect for filling up your favorite cowhands’ saddlebags? We’ve got a list together for you filled with goodies sure to put even wily sidewinders on their best behavior:

NY Strip Steak

Tops on any red-blooded cowhand and meat lovers’ list has to be 8-ounce NY strip steaks. That’s why we’re starting our list off with them too. We’ve got 10-count cases of USDA Choice baby! They’re hand cut from the most juicy, marbleized sections of the cow and sealed at the peak of flavor. So don’t let your resident chuck wagon cook overdo it with the spices or marinades. As a matter of fact, we’d suggest preparing them with nothing but our signature charbroiled flavor seasoning.

Smoked Curls & Sticks

Next on our list are smoked curls and sticks. They’re perfect for urban cowpokes as well as those who truly live on the range. Plus, they come in two fantastic varieties, beef and pepperoni. Consequently, you can let them sit on a southwestern meat platter bareback or saddled with a smidgen of spicy Santa Fe Sauce.

Shredded Beef Jerky

Shredded beef jerky is another item that would be wonderful for cowhands on the run. The expertly prepared jerky comes in 3.84-ounce cans, which can easily fit in saddlebags, pockets and purses. Plus, the tins can be saved after the jerky is gone and repurposed as your family sees fit.

Center Cut Chops

Okay, so we know that many range riders prefer beef but we can’t leave beautiful, 7-ounce, center cut pork chops off of our list. After all, back in the day, cowboys and gals were known to eat wild or domestic hogs too. To add to the “home on the range” ambiance, top them with some of Big Bad Bubbas BBQ Sauce and serve them with a side of beans.

Specialty Dips

Oh, and for a final flourish, don’t forget to break out the dips. Two great ones to consider serving this month are Gringo Guacamole and Western Ranch. They’d taste wonderful with everything from thick steak fries and tortilla chips to freshly cut vegetables. Hey, cowhands have to eat their greens too!

To learn more about these products and others that would be ideal for January’s more unconventional celebrations, please contact us at Deli Direct today!

Although deli meats and sausages should definitely be a part of any holiday party plans, the tasty offerings shouldn’t stop there. After all, neither man nor beast can live on just meats alone. So we’ve compiled a list of incredible finger foods and lip-smacking party treats that go beyond the expected fare:

1.) Hot and Spicy Beans

Why not skip the messy, bland, three bean salads and go with something pickle-icious instead? Yes, we’re talking hot, spicy, pickled green beans baby! They look fantastic on a plate and may be eaten with the fingers or a fork. For added color, combine the Hot and Spicy Beans with other sliced, pickled veggies like yellow and orange peppers.

2.) Wasabi Peas

Pair those beans with another crunchy veggie that’s been given a palatable twist, dried wasabi peas. They are inherently spicy too. So the two foods would just go well together. For a great tablescape look, consider putting the wasabi peas in vegetable baskets instead of regular bowls. Your guests should love it!

3.) Bloody Mary Soaked Pickles

We’ve likely all seen pickles on a party platter before. That’s because they’re an essential part of most party plans. However, you can opt to buck tradition and give your guests something they’re not expecting. Items that come to our minds are pickles that have been soaked with unusual brines. Can anyone say, “bloody Mary pickles?”

4.) Stuffed Olives

Okay, so we know that stuffed olives are typical holiday fare but there are ways to make them atypical. For example, you could stuff them with ingredients that no one would expect. Excellent choices include asparagus, pearl onions, garlic cloves, artichokes, bleu cheese and jalapeno.

5.) Chubby Cheeks

Lastly, why not get a little corny? To do just that, create one or a series of bowls that contain our Chubby Cheeks snack. It’s a churro caramel corn nugget treat that tastes great alone or with a few modifications. To alter the nuggets flavor, think about adding a dusting of powdered sugar, carob or cocoa.

To learn more about these finger foods, deli meats and other items that can really take holiday get-togethers to an unforgettable level, please contact us.

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