Jack Frost is renowned for giving Americans more than just the cold shoulder, especially when January rolls around. It seems at that time, he’s also got a passion for nibbling on ears, finger tips, little noses and more. But there is one thing that Jack and his frosty friends can’t resist. It’s hot sauce. And using the right one may just keep him from nipping off more than he should this blustery season.

So which hot sauce will distract Jack long enough for everyone to bundle up tight? We’re thinking a nice bottle of Spicy Chipotle Sauce ought to keep his taste buds busy. Chipotles traditionally have a multidimensional flavor profile because they are treated differently than raw jalapeno chilies. Picked at the perfect time, they’re dried in smoke-filled chambers that help concentrate the peppers’ inherent spiciness.

Afterward, they’re combined with other premium ingredients to make a sauce that’s guaranteed to melt a man or woman’s frosty heart. At least it will please those who love chilies with Scoville ratings in the 5,000 to 10,000 range. And all of that heat will undoubtedly do more than just raise a person’s core body temperature. It will perk up traditional, winter comfort foods too.

Let’s take steaming crockpots full of white bean chili as examples. They’re normally made with ground turkey or chicken, chili spices and white beans. As good as that sounds, it’s even better with a few teaspoons of Spicy Chipotle Hot Sauce stirred into the mix. And don’t forget to toss some shredded, Chipotle Pepper Wisconsin cheese on top, if you dare. They make incredible white chili accompaniments too.

To grab a bottle of Spicy Chipotle Hot Sauce and give old Jack Frost a run for his icicles that he’ll never forget, please contact Deli Direct today.

What can be naughty or nice and starts out in a pumpkin patch? Not sure? Okay, here’s another tip. It can be served cold or hot and also contains a heaping dose of autumn apples. Give up? Why it’s pumpkin hot sauce and after the first try, you won’t want to eat a fall, holiday meal without some. “What’s pumpkin hot sauce?’, you say. Well, lean in my pumpkin loving friends and we’ll tell you:

It’s actually a mixture of pumpkin butter, hot sauce, curry and a handful of other ingredients. You can make it any consistency desired and use it in a number of pump-alicious ways. For instance, some folks like to use it in place of chicken broth when making their homemade stuffing. Others love to pour it over their roasted turkey, rib-eye steaks or mashed potatoes instead of traditional gravy.We’ve even seen pumpkin hot sauce drizzled over pan-roasted vegetables and used as a basis for soups. And by the way, the soups may be hot or cold. Speaking of cold, the hot sauce infused mixture could be used to make homemade pumpkin ice cream too. Here’s the basic hot sauce recipe to get the pumpkin party started:

Place all of the ingredients into a sauce pan and hit it with an immersion blender to break up the chunks of vegetables or apples. Next, turn the heat on and let the pumpkin mixture simmer until you’re pleased with the consistency.  Continue by removing the pumpkin hot sauce from the pan and using it as desired. As long as it’s stored in an air-tight container and stirred every so often, it should keep in the fridge for at least four to seven days without separating. To learn more about jazzing up pumpkins with hot sauce, please contact Deli Direct today.

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