The holiday season is past us, but that doesn’t mean the spirit of gift-giving has to end. The new year is sure to be filled with all sorts of birthdays, holidays, special celebrations, and reasons to be grateful. As we were all recently reminded, choosing the perfect gifts for the people in your life can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be! Couldn't someone special on your gift list use the mood boost that comes with a sausage and cheese gift basket?

Here are a few people you may want to consider.

1. The Over-Doer

Everyone has an over-achiever in their life, that person who has their New Year’s resolutions planned out months in advance—and actually sticks to them. That person might seem to have it all together, but one thing is for sure: that person needs a break.

If you have an over-doer in your life, a gift basket with decadent sausage and delicious cheese can be just the thing for a calm moment to themselves.

2. The Party Hosts

Who consistently throws the best party of the year? Which couple makes it a priority to invite everyone over for a beautiful dinner every few months?

The party hosts are people who love good food and good conversation. They pour over recipes, comb shops for the perfect ingredients, and spend hours cooking their creations. They know and respond to everyone's dietary needs and food preferences.

If you know people like this, you know that they go out of their way to provide fantastic meals for everyone they know. They also probably get tired of cooking.

The next time you are invited to a dinner party or cocktail gathering, bring the hosts a sausage and cheese gift basket. They'll appreciate it when they are cleaning their kitchen the next day and don't even want to think about cooking.

3. The Person With Too Much Stuff

Maybe it's your friend, your brother, or even you own mom, but there is surely someone in your life who simply has too many things. The last thing you want to do is give them another mug, figurine, or sweater that is just going to take up space.

A sausage and cheese gift basket makes a great choice for this person because they can eat it, enjoy it, and even use the basket for holding odds and ends that are scattered throughout their home.

4. The Lonely Guy (or Gal)

Do you have a friend whose relatives live too far away to visit? Or maybe you know someone who was recently divorced and having to spend their birthday or a special holiday away from their kids. People who spend a lot of time alone can easily become depressed.

Bring some light into this person's life with a sausage and cheese gift basket. Then offer some time and companionship in helping them eat it.

5. That Person You Don't Know Very Well

Nothing is quite as awkward as the relationship you have with someone who you barely know but who is important enough for you to feel obligated to give a holiday gift. This could be your dad's new girlfriend, a great aunt who suddenly sent the kids sizable savings bonds, or the neighbor who cut the lawn when your leg was broken. You want to give something special, but you have no idea what the person would want.

A sausage and cheese gift basket is a great way to show appreciation for someone, even if you don't know them well. It's a lovely and thoughtful surprise that is sure to please.

Is there someone on your 2017 gift list that could use a delicious dose of specialty cheese and sausage? This simple gift could truly make someone's day. Contact us for more information and to order a basket for someone in your life.

Whether you are a competitive sports observer or a competitive eater, Superbowl Sunday has something for everyone.  Deli Direct has a few football themed tips to help you score a touchdown with your Superbowl Sunday participation.  

Don't get intercepted at a busy store! Most stores get extra crowded selling chips and generic cheese dip right before Superbowl Sunday.  Save yourself the hassle by having it delivered. When the price is comparable to the big stores and the quality exceeds what you can purchase on those shelves, buy it online!  

Kickoff your party with flavorful sauces, salsas, and horseradish products! Your guests will love the kick of heat along side their beer as they watch the game (or hover protectively over the snack table). 

If you aren't hosting a party, don't fumble the host gift! Take the effort out of gift buying with one of many cheese and sausage gift baskets options. Your host will be surprised and delighted by your gift and you might even get to share some of the delightful treats if they add it to their spread. Now that's winning!   

Score a field goal with fun dessert dips! While chip dips are expected, dessert dips add excitement to the game.  Try them with strawberries, grapes or graham crackers. Your competitive eaters will appreciate it and definitely score you an extra three points.  

Whatever your Superbowl Sunday plans, score a safety by planning ahead, ordering high quality, american made products like cheese, sausages and dips from company that makes ordering online simple. Contact us here to place an order today!

No matter their age, they are still our babies and we worry about them when they enter college. We wonder, “Will they make friends?” and “Are they eating enough?” Now there is a way to ensure that they’re doing both. It starts with choosing cheese and sausage gift baskets. Traditionally filled with enough food for more than one, they make excellent going away presents. This is especially true for college kids that plan on rooming with strangers.

Go Back to Cool and Classic

Let’s take our Gourmet Deli Classic Treasures basket as an example. It holds six pounds of meat and more than two pounds of cheese. Plus, there are additional items included, like cookies, chocolates, condiments and wasabi peas. So there is enough gourmet, snack food for our babies and the people who will hopefully become their new friends.

Furthermore, the kids can use the accompanying wicker basket, cutting board and cleaver in their dorm room or off campus apartment for other things. For instance, they may want to toss their keys, mail, student IDs or notes in the basket after all of the cheese and sausage is gone.

As for the cleaver and cutting board, it’s perfect for divvying up other snacks or a quick meal. The kids can clean them up afterwards and tuck them inside of their desks, night stands or allotted bookshelf space. Of course they could put them in the wicker basket too.

Variety without the Cutting Edge

Don’t want to give them a cleaver for the dorm? No worries there. We’ve got cheese and sausage gift baskets that are devoid of sharp-edged cutlery. One that tends to perfect for kids is the Special Variety Pack. It still has enough meats and cheeses for a small gathering of students as well as a cutting board. However, knives and cleavers are not included.

To find the perfect sausage and cheese gift baskets for your big babies, please contact us.

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