Shut your eyes and imagine that the snow is gently falling outside. Inside, a person is leaning over a big, steaming bowl full of soup and indulging in a heaping spoonful. It’s a classic, American scene to be sure but it may be improved upon with the addition of cheese spreads. Cheese spreads bring something extra to a meal and personally, we can’t think of spending National Soup Month without them.

Don’t believe us? Consider bowlfuls of French onion soup. They’re normally topped with what? That’s right, ooey goey cheese. Well what if you tossed the shredded, Wisconsin cheese to the side and reached for a dollop of toasted onion spread instead? It’s made with creamy cheddar cheese, onions and chives. Now doesn’t that sound like a perfect way to top off a bowl full of French onion soup?

French onion isn’t the only soup that would welcome a little dollop or two of premium cheese spreads. We think that potato, spinach and broccoli soups would taste amazing with bleu cheese spread. Simply stir some into the soup before bringing the bowls to the table. And if you really want to elevate the meal more, add some deli meats, like beef sticks and smoked pepperoni.

Cube them up as part of a soup topping or serve them with artisan breads. Either way would surely garner two thumbs up from everyone fortunate enough to be at the table. And don’t let your imagination stop with the soup and cheese spread combinations we’ve already mentioned. After all, National Soup Month only comes around once a year. So live it up by enjoying as many cheesy, hot combinations as possible.

Presently, there are more than a dozen cheese spreads and thousands of soup recipes to choose from. Thus, making it through the month without having the same soup twice should be easy. To learn more about pairing cheese spreads with soups during the month of January and beyond, please contact us.

Okay, so let's be real, who doesn't love cheese? The taste, the color, the way it melts perfectly. Cheese is definitely a favorite of many food loving citizens in the world. That is why we endlessly try to find ways to incorporate the delicious delicacy that cheese is into any meal we can possibly imagine. Macaroni and cheese, cheese toast, cheese sticks, nacho cheese sauce; adding cheese just makes any food better. I mean, maybe even cheese on cheese would be worth trying.

One way that is terrific for incorporating a variety of cheeses into one gathering, without making it look like you are a cheese obsessed maniac, is to have several different types of cheese spreads. There are so many options available in terms of cheese that is in spreadable form. Perhaps you could try Asiago Cheese Spread, Blue Cheese Spread, Cheddar Cheese Spread, or pretty much any variety of cheese spread you can think of. Having these spreads coupled with various types of bread and crackers at your gathering gives the illusion that you just love the idea of having simple finger foods for your guests to enjoy. All the while you get to bask in the deliciousness of an unending variety of cheese. That seems like a win-win!

So go ahead, get some cheese spreads, line the party table with 5 - 10 different kinds and watch your guests enjoy the brunch, potluck, birthday party, or other occasion. They're sure to be a hit!

If you would like to place an order for a cheese spread for yourself, be sure to contact us today!

With the holidays fast approaching, there is no doubt you may be host to a slew of wonderful holiday parties, or perhaps that has already begun. With all the planning you have to put into them-from cleaning the house to putting up decorations to finding the best assortment of delicious foods-you will certainly want to simplify the preparation process while simultaneously wowing your guests. Cheese spreads are just the thing you need to accomplish that! Here are three reasons why you need cheese spreads at your next soiree!

Cheese spreads offer class

They are beautiful and can really add to the ambiance and festive decorations you will have at your party. While upping the warmth of the room, cheese also provides an air of sophistication and attention to detail. And don't forget that a cheese spread pairs excellently with some gourmet crackers and delicious wine!

They are conversation starters

Nothing pleases a connoisseur of cheese quite like having a plethora of cheeses to discuss with other party guests. Two people who may have nothing in common other than their appreciation for a good cheese spread may find themselves having a delightful conversation simply because of the Jalapeno or Swiss Almond cheese spread that you are offering at your party. So to put it plainly (which these cheese spreads are not!), your cheese spreads just helped make your party a success!

Pairs with other delicious foods

When you decide to serve cheese spreads at your next party, you are now opening up the opportunity to serve a wide array of delectable, gourmet breads and crackers. Or mix some in to rev up your appetizers. This will have your guests raving and will make the party so much more memorable.

Now that you are ready to include some wonderful cheese spreads at your next holiday party, contact us so we can help you get started.

Blue cheese spread are one of those types of items that just makes getting through the fall/winter holiday entertaining season a cinch. It tastes perfect when paired with seasonal crackers, fruit breads, fresh fruits and nuts. Plus, it may be used to whip up delicious appetizers every time friends and family decide to stop on by. Here are a few ideas:

Hot Blue Cheese Spread Biscuits

If you’ve got a can of pop-and-bake biscuits on hand, have we got an appetizer for you! Simply place the biscuits single file, inside of a non-stick casserole dish. The dish, by the way, should be just big enough to hold all of the biscuits tightly together. Then cover the tops of the biscuits with a thick layer of blue cheese spread. When you’re done, bake the biscuits in the oven until they’re cooked through. Afterward, serve them hot alongside one of your favorite beverages.

Bacon - Blue Cheese Spread Bites

For those moments when “ultra fancy” is the theme of the day, grab the ready-to-bake, mini phyllo dough cups. Fill them with the blue cheese spread, bacon bits, chopped nuts and diced scallions. Then pop them into the oven. Once the cups are brown, remove them from the oven and set them onto a pretty platter before the guests arrive. See, it really is that easy to put on a first class spread in minutes!

Blue Cheese Spread Stuffed Veggies

Blue cheese spread is also super convenient to have around if you love stuffed veggies. For example, you could stuff tomatoes with blue cheese and canned tuna, crab or chicken. The same ingredients could be used to stuff mushroom caps, green peppers, jalapeños, artichokes, avocados, roasted onions and zucchini boats. Yum!

Blue Cheese Spread Sliders

Lastly, you could always use blue cheese spread to top off a platter of sliders. To make it even more appealing, use a variety of meats for your sliders. Ones that would pair well with the tasty spread are beef, lamb, pork, duck confit, grilled chicken and salmon.

To learn more about all of the great party foods that may be made with flavored cheese spreads, please contact us.

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