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Cheese and Sausage Gift Baskets

Gourmet Cheese Gift Baskets

  • Super Party Pack Gift Box Plus

    Product Code: B013

    Choose Your Flavor:
    Spicy Rating:
    Cheese Spread Selection 1
    Deli Meat Selection 1
    Mustard Selection 1
    $33.95 $33.95
    This is one of Deli Direct's all time favorite gift box plus a little more.
    • Deli Direct Sausage 2lb. Choose from 6 varieites
    • Deli Direct Cheese Spread 15oz. Choose from 13 different flavors. 
    • Choose 1 of our great mustards. Choose from 3 flavors.  
    • 1 Box of Gourmet Chocolates
    • 1 Gourmet Salsa
    • 1 Box of Gourmet Crackers
    • Cleaver

    All of our gift baskets are made to order. Please give us a call to customize your own gift basket.

    Quality Recommendations

    Make sure that your order is as delicious as it can be. Depending on the time of year and weather, ground shipping may not keep your Deli Direct product fresh. We offer 3 Day Select and Next Day shipping as well.

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