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  • Hot Sauce Connoisseur
    [B0002] Hot Sauce Connoisseur

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    Hot Sauce Connoisseur

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    Select this unique gift basket for any one who enjoys "extra" heat in their life! We have included our top five.
    • Bad Day at Baghdad 5oz ...  made with red habanero peppers. This gift basket is great for the true hot pepper lover
    • Colon Blow 5oz ... a red habanero enema that comes out hotter then it went in
    • Chicago Hit Sauce 5oz ... made with fresh yellow habaneros, a great collectors item.
    • Holy Shit Habanero Sauce 5oz ... this one has a real bite and then some. It will literally add fire to your favorite foods. Not recommended for whimps
    • Holy F**k Sauce 4oz ... is almost twice as hot as Colon Blow. Beyond insanity
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    All of our gift baskets are made to order. Please give us a call to customize your own gift basket.

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    Ben K. Naperville, IL

    Very good flavor. Recommended for people who like It hot, and by that I mean hotter than tobacco sauce.

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