Deli Meats and Wisconsin Sausages

Sandwiches, snack and so much more! With our meats & sausages, there is no work or waiting to acquire the perfect taste. Just slice and enjoy!

Deli Meats and Wisconsin Sausages

Beef Summer Sausages

Beef Summer Sausage Makes for the Perfect Snack!

Deli Direct offers a wide variety of hand crafted, high quality beef summer sausages from the Midwest. We bring them right to your door so you can enjoy the fresh taste of homemade goodness!

Our sausages are hand crafted and use only the finest meats and spices. We have created three delicious varieties of beef summer sausage:

  1. Original: The original all beef summer sausage is perfectly balanced using the highest quality beef and spices
  2. Lite: Contains 50% less sodium than the original, plus its 95% fat free
  3. Ragin' Cajun: For those of you that enjoy spicy food; it contains the right amount of Cajun seasoning to make your taste buds sing!

Our nice sausage selection also includes Braunschweiger Liverwurst, which is rich and creamy from our old family recipe. This is one of the best liver sausages you will ever taste!

It’s easy to be creative with all of our wonderful options. They are perfect on their own or paired up with crackers along with any one of our specialty cheese spreads, block cheeses and specialty sauces.

Don’t forget to order extra during the holidays for those unexpected guests that might stop on by. While you're making your holiday shopping gift list, consider ordering some extra Deli Direct cheese and sausage gift baskets for your favorite neighbor, office coworkers and friends who have been good to you!

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